Define a Logo for Reports

You can add and amend your school logo for online reports and PDFs in Manage School.

It is recommended that the image file for the logo meets the following criteria:

  • It is in PNG, JPG or GIF file format.
  • It is a maximum of 250 KB in size.
  • Height should be no more than 65 pixels.

Note: You will need to use a School Administrator user to gain access to the screens for adding a logo.


To define a logo for a Report cover page

1. Click on the Manage Schools button on the home screen to display the details held for your school (or schools, if using a multi-school account).

2. A table with a single entry will be shown, if you are using a single school account. For multi-school accounts, all schools associated with the account will be listed here.

3. To amend or add a log, click on the Actions button next to the school information and select the Edit  button to modify details.

4. You will be shown the account details currently held for the school. Any fields not greyed out can be edited.

5. To add or amend logo, select Upload Logo. This will enable you to browse your PC or network and attach a picture, as appropriate.


  • Select a letterhead version of the school logo you want to use.
  • The file should be no larger than 250 kb. Only .jpg, .png or .gif files can be used.
  • Height should be no more than 65 pixels. If the height is greater than this, the image will be automatically adjusted to fit.

Once the logo is set, the account Logo options will change. The 'Update Logo' and 'Remove Logo' options will appear.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, if necessary, and select Save.

The logo you have added will be automatically added to any reports you produce, there is no need to ask for it to be added on each occasion.

7. To return to the home screen, click on the Home button.