About the GL Data Dashboard

What is the GL Data Dashboard?

The Data Dashboard is a new interactive reporting system that helps schools join up assessment results, making them simple to access and easy to understand. This allows for trends to be clearly identified across single students, cohorts, or the whole school. 

Which products are included?

It is available free of charge for customers who purchase at least two of the following products:

The data and displays that you see on your dashboard may vary slightly depending on the combination of assessments that you use.

The different views

There are different ways that you can view the data on your dashboard:

  • Whole School View (WSV): The whole school view is the first page of the report, where school data for CAT4, NGRT, PASS, PTE, PTM and PTS data can be navigated.
  • Whole Pupil View (WPV): this page allows you to navigate through the data of specific students.
  • WPV Detail Views: this page allows you to check historic student results for each specific WPV SAS Scores product.

Your data will be shown in a number of formats, including bar graphs, tables and gauges. Click here for a Quick Data Guide.

Click here to provide feedback on the GL Data Dashboard.