Adaptive testing with NGST

NGST is fully adaptive, which allows students to be tested according to their performance as they are taking the test rather than by age or year group. Each student’s performance is assessed as they complete the test and the questions are adapted to be in line with the ability they demonstrate. This is a benefit, particularly to students with a low spelling attainment as they can be tested with words at a lower level than that determined by age, and for students with high spelling attainment as they can be tested with words that better reflect their skills.

NGST comprises two sections: Single Word and Spelling in Context, which is made up of sentence completion items. All students will start with the Single Word section. If a student achieves a very low score in the Single Word section then they will not be taken to the Spelling in Context section and the test will finish early.

Testing time will be approximately 20–25 minutes. However, please note that as NGST is adaptive the time taken to test each student will vary, so some will finish before others.


All students will start the test with the Single Word section

The programme will determine the first question based on date of birth and each student will progress through the test according to performance

Students with very low scores will only see the Single Word section