When to test with Recall

When in the school year?

Recall can be completed at any time of the year and can be completed by the same students more than once a year.

Timing of the session/s

It usually takes about 20–30 minutes for most children to complete the three tests in Lucid Recall. However, children who take a long time to respond to each trial, or more able children who progress to the most difficult levels, may take slightly longer. However, it is recommended that no time limit should be imposed upon children, who should be instructed to complete the tasks in their own time. 

Each test is administered using a span procedure. This means that at the beginning of each test there are only a few items to remember, but the number of items then increases over successive trials. Testing is automatically terminated when a child continues to respond incorrectly, indicating that the number of items to be remembered has exceeded their memory span. This minimises the amount of time it takes to complete the assessments.

The time required to complete each test is also minimised by using a progression rule. A trial is one sequence of items or one pattern that is presented for recall. Each test is organised in blocks of six trials which have the same level of difficulty (i.e. the same number of items to remember). If a child correctly recalls four trials in any one block they automatically progress to the next block and full credit is given for the omitted trials. When three or more errors are made within a single block testing is automatically discontinued.

Retesting with Recall

It is often desirable to retest a student after the initial assessment, either to monitor progress or because the first assessment was unreliable for some reason.

Since item content in Lucid Recall is generated at random, practice effects are minimised and consequently there are no stipulated intervals between testing and retesting with Lucid Recall, nor any restrictions on the number of times students may be retested. This is particularly useful when needing to evaluate the impact of intervention over time. 

When a student completes all three tests in the Lucid Recall suite a new test record is automatically created so that the program is ready for the student to be retested whenever that may be. When a student has completed the test suite a second time, their results can be viewed in Historical Report format, which displays the results of the last four occasions on which the student was tested.