Pre-testing essentials

Assessing students with Recall requires no specialist training, however before attempting to test any student it is advisable for the administrator to run through the complete suite of tests in order to familiarise themselves.

Before testing, each student must be registered (via the administrator console) using their name and date of birth.

Testing environment

Assessors are encouraged to use a quiet space with minimal distractions. Ideally, this should be a separate room, but Recall has been designed to be robust for use in the ordinary classroom, provided visual and auditory distraction have been minimised.

Assessors should consider the position of the computer and the use of headphones is highly recommended to minimise auditory distractions.

Setting Up

Assessors should check that the equipment being used for the assessment is functioning correctly and meets minimum system requirements.

Recall includes a sound volume check (in the administrator console) that allows the assessor to test the appropriate sound level. Headphones are recommended to ensure that all instructions and test content can be heard clearly.

Recall should ideally be used with a mouse rather than a touch pad as the latter may affect response times.

Please close all other applications before starting the test as these can interfere with the timings and recording of results.


Time needed for testing

Recall takes 20–30 minutes to complete however no time limit should be imposed – children should be instructed to complete the tasks in their own time.