Terms and Conditions

Please note: we aim to deliver completed reports within four to six weeks of receiving completed questionnaires. We can only hope to achieve this if questionnaires are returned to us within one month of the agreed distribution date.

Once a survey has been ordered, please take great care in reading and checking the questionnaire at the proofing stage. When the questionnaire has been signed off by the school and printed to the agreed specification, Kirkland Rowell Surveys can accept no responsibility for any further errors found.

All orders must be fulfilled to attract discounts; discounts will only be applied to the final invoice upon completion.

In the event that a survey is cancelled: once questionnaire proofs have been sent to the school for approval, an invoice to the value of 50% of the total contract will be issued.

In the event of a survey being postponed from one academic year to the next after drafts have been issued, an invoice for 50% of the total contract becomes payable immediately, with the remaining 50% being due on completion of the survey.

An additional invoice will not be raised for rearrangement of surveys unless the approved questionnaires have been manufactured and packaged; in which case, if replacements are required to show the new date, these will be charged at cost.

If a survey is cancelled or postponed until the next academic year, after questionnaires have been delivered an invoice for 75% of the total contract will be issued with the remaining 25% due on completion of the survey.

In the above cases the total contract relates to the cost before discount. Any discount applicable will be applied to the remaining sum upon completion.

Light Touch only: Should any survey be cancelled within the three weeks prior to the distribution date, an invoice for 75% of the total contract will be payable immediately.