Ofsted and Parent View

Put Parent View website ratings into perspective with our parent summaries

From September 2012, Ofsted will no longer provide parent or pupil paper questionnaires as part of the inspection process. This leaves inspectors to draw on views added to the Parent View website and through those pupils they interview.

Enhanced with a fully representative evidence summary of all 12 questions on the Parent View website, ASCL-recommended Kirkland Rowell Surveys establish and monitor the changing perceptions of parents, pupils and staff.

Our Parent View Summary highlights percentage score and sample sizes compared to the opinions of a large pool of respondents. This provides schools with an objective means of putting ratings on the Ofsted Parent View website into perspective.

ASCL Recommended

Kirkland Rowell Surveys have also been updated to incorporate the ASCL recommended guidance for self-evaluation - a point by point evidence summary, with suggestions to reach the next grade too, with both strengths and weaknesses for each area.

Our Kirkland Rowell Surveys Interpretation & Analysis Service helps schools explore the full potential of your survey data.

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