Reading Support Pathway

The NGRT assessment is designed around the necessary building blocks of reading as identified in the ‘Simple View of Reading’ and therefore provides a picture of how a student performs at word reading (sentence completion) compared to comprehension (passage comprehension). This group screener allows you to assess whole cohorts quickly. However, you will always need to apply it to your understanding of your students. We have developed the Reading Support Pathway as a ‘Graduated Response Model’ to enable you to understand the nuance of need so that you can fine tune support for your students. Evidence shows that supporting the ‘right’ students in the ‘right’ way always leads to progress. This support is here to provide you with that information so that you can make the ‘right’ decisions.

Access the Reading Support Pathway here

This training video will introduce you to the Reading Support Pathway and how it can support your understanding of your New Group Reading Test data.