Understanding your data

The major use for a reading test such as YARC is to provide measures of a pupil’s reading ability that can be used to decide if they have good, average or poor reading skills in relation to other pupils of the same age.

The report generated by the YARC Score Conversion Tool provides important data on a pupil’s reading ability. Your report will provide you with the pupil’s ability score, standard score, percentile rank and age-equivalent score. This saves time spent looking up tables of data, allowing you to review performance, position a pupil within their cohort, and construct an individual learning plan based on their standard score.

By comparing pupil’s scores to the guide below, you can determine a pupil’s reading ability.



70-79 (or below)

a pupil with a severe reading problem

around 85

a pupil with a moderate degree of reading difficulty

around 100

a pupil whose reading is at an average level for their age

around 115

a pupil who can be considered a good reader

around 125 (or above)

a pupil who can be considered an excellent reader

Sample reports generated by YARC are available in the Downloads section.