Scoring and reporting


YARC Score Conversion Tool

The three YARC assessments come with a free online Score Conversion Tool. By inputting pupil details and raw score results into a simple template, all converted scores are computed immediately resulting in a simple, one page report. There is a section for teachers and practitioners to include comments and observations too.

The program automatically calculates ability scores, standard age scores and age equivalent scores for each part of YARC Primary and YARC Secondary that has been administered. This means that more time can be given to administering the assessments and reviewing performance rather than spent looking up tables of data.

Using the YARC Score Conversion Tool is very straightforward - to access the tool simply click on the relevant Score Conversion Tool below. Once you have gained access, firstly input pupil details along with the name of the school and the assessor. Then input details of tests taken and raw scores and press "Create Report". The score conversion will be carried out automatically and instantly, generating a comprehensive report.

Early Reading

Passage Reading Primary

Passage Reading Secondary



The report generated by the YARC Score Conversion Tool provides important data on a pupil’s reading ability. Your report will provide you with the pupil’s ability score, standard score, percentile rank and age-equivalent score.

For further information on Reporting please see Understanding your data