How to generate cluster reports

If you have chosen to use the WellComm Report Wizard with a cluster account, your home page will have a button for ‘WellComm cluster reports’, instead of WellComm Reports

  • To create a report, from the Home Page, select the WellComm cluster reports button – which opens the following screen:
  • Select the Create a new group report button. A cluster report is very similar to a group report except there is no child listing.
  • You must tick the box on the left to select the results you wish to include.
  • You can filter this data using a range of dates and the drop-down lists provided.
  • You can then choose to create either a PDF or a CSV Excel report. This opens a new screen

You can then decide what type of report you would like to generate:

  • You can filter it by age style
  • whether you would like to include tables, graphs or both.