Choosing a test type and level

There are 2 versions of the Phonological Assessment Battery: PhAB and PhAB2. 

The Phonological Assessment Battery (PhAB) provides six standardised tests for 6–14-year-olds, each designed to sample different aspects of a child’s phonological processing. The diagnostic nature of the results means that they can be used to inform your teaching and help you target intervention programmes to a child’s specific needs and improve their underlying literacy skills.

The later edition of the assessment, the Phonological Assessment Battery 2 (PhAB2) Primary, provides revised versions of the six standardised tests in the original assessment, as well as four new tests, in line with the latest research in phonological awareness. Featuring targeted testing ranges for 5–6 and 7–11-year-olds, it provides more sensitive assessments to give you a greater understanding of a child’s phonological strengths and weaknesses.

Both are assessments of phonological processes with age ranges more suited to a primary (PhAB2: 5-11) or secondary (PhAB 6-14) setting. 

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