GL Assessment maintains an ongoing programme of trialling and standardisation studies to ensure that our current and new assessments are as up to date, relevant and robust as possible. 


How do we trial these questions? 

Before we can release a new assessment for use in schools, each individual question must be taken by a sample of students.  We are then able to evaluate these items statistically to ensure they measure students accurately.  

Trialling our questions on real students allows us to use the very best questions for our assessments and enables us to develop brand new types of questions to keep our tests fair for all - read our blog to find out more.


How you can get involved

In 2023/2024, we are are running several trialling and standardisation studies.  You can see details of these and register your interest below.

Trial Age range Testing window Test duration Format
NGMT Form A standardisation (autumn) 7-12   1 hour  
NGMT Form B item trial 8-13   1 hour  
NGMT Form B standardisation (spring) 7-12   1 hour