Case H: Illegible handwriting - application to use a word processor

In this case the handwriting is difficult to read because of the illegibility of the writing rather than the number of spelling errors – see Figure 18. This boy wrote 127 words in 7 minutes, which gave him a writing speed of 18 wpm (standard score 88 for his age of 13 years 10 months), which is in the low average range. His typing speed was 21 words per minute (standard score 97), which confirms competence on a keyboard.

In this case, JCQ AARA (Section 7.5.11) permit the candidate to take examinations using a word processor with the spell check and/or predictive text disabled.

Figure 18. Student H - Illegible handwriting

Case I: Slow but legible writing - application to use a scribe

Student I writes legibly but very slowly (see Figure 19. Student I – Slow but legible handwriting). His handwriting speed to dictation is only 15.7 words per minute, which, for a student aged 15 years 11 months, gives a standard score of 68. As this student is not proficient in the use of a word processor, after consultation with the student and his teachers it was agreed that it would be appropriate to request the use of a scribe as access arrangements – see Figure 20 and Figure 21.

Figure 19. Student I – Slow but legible handwriting

Figure 20. Student I – JCQ Form 8, Writing skills

Figure 21. Student I – JCQ Form 8, Other relevant information