Difficulties with reading

Case E: Application for a reader or computer reader

Student E is dyslexic and reads slowly. He is also inaccurate because he misreads so many words. Section C, Parts 2 and 3 (of Form 8) are appropriate to this student as his normal way of working is with the help of a reader, and his standard scores for both reading comprehension speed and reading comprehension accuracy are less than 85 (see Figure 15). JCQ AARA (Section 5.5) also permits the use of a computer reader in such circumstances.

Figure 15. Student E – JCQ Form 8, Reading Speed and Accuracy

Case F: Application for extra time

Student F is dyslexic but can read accurately given enough time. Although her reading accuracy score is above 85 (Exact – comprehension (accuracy) SS = 87), her reading comprehension speed is less than 85. Technically she could qualify for the help of a reader with a comprehension speed score below 85, but this is not her normal way of working and she prefers to be allowed extra time and read by herself. See Figure 16.

Figure 16. Student F – JCQ Form 8, Reading Speed