Value-Added Service for IB Diploma

Value-Added Service for IB Diploma

You can now join our pilot project to produce value-added measures for the IB Diploma. The results will allow you to show the impact your school makes (or the value-added) on your students and allow you to compare this impact to that made by other schools.

Sign up for the IB Diploma pilot now to influence the development of the service and have your say about future priorities.

What CAT4 data do I need?

In order to participate, you will need to provide us with IB Diploma exam results. These students will need to have been tested with CAT4, ideally from before they started their IB Diploma course as set out in the table below.

Eligible CAT4 testing for IB Diploma value-add pilot (exam data from May/June 2022)

School year/ grade

Year 9 / Grade 8

Year 10 / Grade 9

Year 11 / Grade 10

Year 12 / Grade 11

Calendar year





CAT4 Level

Level F

Level F / G

Level F / G

Level G

Webinar: Value-added for IB

What do I need to do?

  1. Complete the registration form below
  2. We will send you a form to sign so we can access your CAT4 data
  3. Send your IB Diploma examination results from 2018 to us

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