Ease the burden of scoring, get instant reports

For any school using the paper versions of our tests, marking and scoring can be a time consuming task. It can often take up to 4 hours to mark papers for a whole class and interpret, calculate and record the scores – a substantial amount of time in any teacher’s busy schedule.

Our scoring and reporting service can help to solve this, but for international schools posting papers to the UK and awaiting results can take up time and mean that acting on the results of a test can be delayed.

Our easy-to-use Online Marking Tool (OMT) will help to ease the burden of scoring and allow you to receive your reports instantly.

  • Fast: The OMT reduces test scoring time for an average-sized class to just 20 minutes.
  • Accurate: It guarantees a much higher level of accuracy than scoring by hand.
  • Advanced: Reports are delivered online as soon as marking is completed.
  • Flexible: You can request further reports or data files quickly and easily.

How to use OMT

Step 1: Access

Access to the OMT is enabled using a secure customer login that will be supplied to you as soon as your order is processed.

Step 2: Student Data

A Student Data file now needs to be created by exporting data from your school’s Management Information System and matching it against your Student Data File in the OMT. Customers who already use our online testing and/or reporting services for other assessments might find that they are already in possession of a Student Data File, enabling them to omit this step.

Step 3: Marking

Select the correct test level and Student Data File. With a student’s answer booklet in front of you, compare answers and then click accordingly to show a correct or incorrect answer. This process is repeated until you have reached the end of the booklet at which point you can move onto the next student booklet.

Step 4: Reporting

Once the marking is complete, the data is automatically processed, giving you immediate access to a standard report in PDF format. This report can differ depending on the assessment but, as a guideline, it will contain: raw scores, standardised scores, percentile ranks and confidence bands.

Step 5: Additional reports

With just a few clicks in the OMT, you can request additional data files in Excel and CSV format for easy importing directly into your school’s Management Information System. Examples include: standard reports (which includes students listing, group demographic comparison, comparison of group and national Stanine distributions, analysis by process categories and question by question analysis, year-on-year progress score and progress category), individual student profiles (the score breakdown by category area). These come at an additional charge and are supplied online.

What reports can I generate through the OMT?

Once you have completed marking, the reports will be available for your group. Two reports are included in your OMT licence, these are

  • Group record sheet - this report is in a CSV format and shows all the raw data for your assessment
  • OMT student listing - this is a two page PDF showing the student listing and percentile rank as well as the process categories breakdown.

Other reports are available including group standard report, individual student report, excel report and cluster excel report (for school groups). For details of the costs for these please contact our support team on the numbers below.

How do I order the OMT?

To find out more, and order your subscription to the OMT, please contact our International Orders and Enquiries team on:

+44 (0) 20 8996 3369
[email protected]