Tests and assessments referenced in the following case studies:

Cognitive Abilities Test: 4th Edition (CAT4)

CAT4 comprises a suite of tests which together offer a profile of a cohort, group or individual that can support learning by identifying how students learn best and what their potential to achieve may be. The tests are for verbal, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning, and spatial ability. Together, these offer deep insights and comprehensive analysis of reasoning skills for students aged 6–17 years.

New Group Reading Test (NGRT)

NGRT has two parts: sentence completion and passage comprehension. The test is used to generate a benchmark for reading, and then track progress. It is a useful screening measure to identify potential support needs. The reports offer group and individual analysis as well as year-on-year progress tracking. NGRT is available for students aged 6–16 years.

British Picture Vocabulary Scale: 3rd Edition (BPVS3)

BPVS3 is a test of students’ receptive or hearing vocabulary. It is quick and easy to administer and offers a benchmark (through a range of data) for receptive vocabulary development. Four pictures are presented to the student and a target word spoken by the teacher, the student must match one of the pictures to the word. Students aged 3 years and older may be assessed.

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)

The PASS Survey provides insights to students’ mindsets that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. In doing so, it helps schools discover often hidden reasons behind issues such as low attainment, challenging behaviour and low attendance. PASS is available in age-appropriate forms for students aged 5–18 years, and in a range of languages, including Welsh.