Our assessments


An assessment of reasoningability can identify where a pupil’s real strengths lie, free from the constraint of the curriculum and unencumbered by learning barriers.

Progress Test Series

The Progress Test Series (PT Series) in English, maths and science delivers a detailed, accurate, and clear picture of each pupil’s attainment and progress, making it easy for you to measure year-on-year progress reliably.


New Group Reading Test is a termly test designed to drill down into pupil’s reading and comprehension skills. NGRT allows you to compare decoding skills and sentence completion against passage comprehension.


New Group Spelling Test is an adaptive assessment which allows termly monitoring of spelling skills and progress. Customised implications for teaching and learning on each individual report offer practical help with next steps in the classroom


The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey is a short self-evaluation survey used to get an insight into attitudes that could be affecting pupil and school performance. PASS helps identify possible barriers to learning, including issues around confidence, resilience, motivation, concentration, disaffection and alienation.