What happens on the day?

Time needed for testing

Generally, all three assessments take 20-30 minutes to administer and have no time limit.

The YARC Early Reading tests can be given in one testing session. However, young children may find it difficult to concentrate for this length of time and it may be preferable to divide the tests into two sessions, or to have a short break part way through the assessment. Space is provided on the Pupil Record Form to allow a pupil to take each test three times in order to monitor progress.

For pupils who have difficulties paying attention, it is possible to split the Passage reading test session, rather than administer two passages in the same sitting, as long as the gap between the two is not too long. Administering the two passages over a week would be fine.

General arrangements for testing

  • The test should be administered in a quiet room, away from distractions.
  • Try to forestall any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements.
  • It is important to ensure that the child is at ease before beginning the assessment session and so it is recommended that the assessor spends a couple of minutes in general conversation before commencing the assessment.

Material needed for testing

YARC Early reading

Letter Sound Knowledge

Early Word Recognition

Sound Isolation

Sound Deletion

Letter Sound Knowledge booklet

Early Word Recognition item book

No test booklet accompanies this test

Sound Deletion picture book

  • Pupil Record Form
  • YARC Early Reading Manual


Passage Reading Primary

  • Pupil Record Form
  • YARC Passage Reading Book
  • YARC Passage Reading Manual
  • Stopwatch to record pupil’s reading time

Passage Reading Secondary

  • Student Record Booklet
  • YARC Passage Reading Book
  • YARC Passage Reading Manual
  • Stopwatch to record student’s reading time