Pre-testing essentials

Test preparation

Please read all guidance thoroughly in advance of the test session.

Before the testing session

Please read the information in the ‘Getting Started’ section of Testwise help.


Progress Test in Science (PTS) tests are untimed, but it is anticipated that the students will take about an hour to complete the test.

The test environment

The test must be administered in a formal test environment with students made aware that they are taking a test and that the usual expectations of behaviour and constraints of a test session will be in place.

It is important that the teacher or invigilator is active in ensuring that students are working their way through the test with intent, and that there is no talking or opportunity to copy from another’s work.

For the digital tests, each student will need a computer, a set of headphones and a mouse and all equipment needs to be in good working order. For the paper tests, each student will need a pen or pencil and eraser as appropriate.

Checklist for testing

Before the test session

  • Allow enough time for the tests, including settling time for the students.
  • Digital tests: Provide a computer, a set of headphones and a mouse in good working order for each student.
  • Paper tests: Provide Student Booklets and all necessary pencils, erasers or pens.
  • Familiarise yourself with the administration instructions.

General arrangements for all testing

  • Make sure the testing room is comfortable.
  • Place a ‘Testing – Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.
  • Try to avoid any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements.

Please see our pre-testing training for more information 

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