Quick data guide

Standard Age Score

The results from PhAB and PhAB2 are presented as Standard Age Scores (SAS) for each of the subtests. Standard Age Scores, are usually expressed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. These scores reflect the student’s performance compared to those of the norm referenced group, which is based on the student’s age.

Percentile rank

Results can also be converted to Percentile Rank (PR) which relates to the SAS score and shows the percentage of students obtaining a certain score or below. An PR of 50 is average since 50% of students obtain an SAS of 50 or below. An PR of 5 indicates that a student’s score is within the lowest 5% of the nationally representative sample and an PR of 95 means that a student’s score is within the highest 5% of the national sample.