Scoring and reporting


Users will be able to access a report as soon as their group of students has completed the survey. Teachers and administrators can access reports through their school’s online account and reports can be generated on demand. 

This includes analysis of both group and individual level, providing a clear insight into the mindset of students and showing immediately where support is needed. PASS also offers analysis by any required demographic: such gender or ethnicity. 

What can I do with the data? 

  • Identify and understand attitudinal barriers to learning that may be affecting attainment 
  • Help improve behaviour, attendance and overall achievement 
  • See clearly where intervention may be required 
  • Provide important information for pastoral support and parents 


Reports are the way in which student test results are collated, analysed and displayed.

Report formats

Reports are created in Excel, PDF and HTML.  


An Excel Report that will allow you to sort and filter the data with ease, as well as create graphs in order to analyse the data and present to senior leaders. PASS data can also be usefully integrated with other school data, such as ability and attainment scores.


A PDF report with simple, visual traffic light ratings to flag the most vulnerable students who might benefit from pastoral intervention. The PDF report can be broken down into Whole School, Cohort Reporting, and Individual level. 

PASS PDF Report: 

The PASS PDF report can be broken down into three levels: 

  • Level 1 – Whole school reporting 
    • An evaluation of overall gender, ethnicity, year groups etc 
  • Level 2 – Cohort Reporting 
    • The assessment of pupils in the context of each other 
  • Level 3 – Individual Pupil Reporting 
    • A standardised measure of individual pupils’ attitudes 

Results can be collated to reveal whole class and entire school learner climate, and broken down to show how the school compares nationally as well as by gender, ethnic categories and year groups.

See our Testwise Reports section for more information.