What happens on the day?

Key points

  • The assessment should take approximately 30-50 minutes, depending on whether you have chosen paper or digital format
  • Each student will need EITHER a student answer booklet and HB pencils + eraser OR a computer, laptop or tablet with internet access, headphones and a mouse (if needed) 
  • Ensure that all students are working their way through the questions on their own and that there is no talking or opportunity to copy from another’s answers 
  • Make sure to check minimum system requirements compatibility if using the digital version 

Setting up

All administration instructions are incorporated into the test program but please introduce the test session and check that students understand the instructions and the method of answering by walking around the room as they work through these parts of the test. 

  • Be sure the testing room is comfortable 
  • Place a ‘Testing – Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door 
  • Try to forestall any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements 
  • Ensure all students are comfortable and prepared before beginning the test 

Because the digital version of NGRT is adaptive, each student will see a different set of test questions. Performance on the sentence completion section will determine which part of the test will be administered next. 

Assessment timings

Paper Version: 40 – 50 minutes

Digital Version: 30 minutes

Please be aware that these timings are approximate and this is not a timed test. Students can work through at their own pace and therefore some may take longer than others.

During the test

You should walk around periodically to prevent copying and to ensure that students understand how to answer the test.

Ending the test - (for digital only)

At the end of the test all responses will be stored on the Testwise server. Please do not turn off any computer until the students have clicked on the End Test button and have been taken back to the page showing that the test has been taken.

Please see the crib sheet for digital test for invigilators.