Information for parents

What is NGRT?

New Group Reading Test (NGRT) is a formative assessment that is used to assess a students’ level reading. Formative means that it does not count towards any final grade or result but is used to find out your child’s current ability level as compared to the national average and allow for identification of students who may benefit from interventions or from being stretched further. The test can be taken again later in the school year to assess progress and see whether interventions have been successful.

The content is designed to reflect the language of today and the way that reading is taught in schools. It is a short multiple-choice test that can be used to assess reading skills of children as young as 5, and monitor progress up to the age of 16.

Tasks include sentence completion and reading comprehension, and the test should take 30-50 minutes.

How is NGRT used?

Reading skills are a key aspect of a students’ ability to access the school curriculum. NGRT can quickly and accurately inform staff of a student’s level of reading, and therefore provide support to those who need it, or stretch those who can be pushed for further development. It allows for more personalised interventions that are appropriate for the individual student, with the aim of raising a student’s abilities in reading and, by extension, their ability to access other areas of the curriculum.

How does NGRT compare to an exam?

NGRT is a formative assessment, which means that it does not count towards any formal mark or grade. It is however taken in controlled conditions, to ensure individual responses. Students will be monitored to ensure that they are working through the questions on their own. Assistance can be given to explain how to take the test and how to use the online testing platform (if using NGRT digital), but students cannot receive help in choosing answers or having the text explained to them.

The test should take approximately 30-50 minutes to complete, depending on whether the paper or digital version is used.

Should my child revise or train for NGRT? Can I get practice tests?

We advise against any practicing or training in order to get a fair assessment of the student’s reading abilities at that moment in time. There are practice questions in the assessment to get students familiar with the task they are being asked to do.

Who should I contact with questions about the test?

If you have any concerns or questions about the test, please contact your school. Please note that only schools can buy the NGRT assessment.