Pre-testing essentials

The test administrator will need to read through the following instructions well in advance of the test session. 

If you are using NGRT digital, it is strongly advised that you go to Testwise: Getting started

Test environment

The test must be administered in a formal test environment with students made aware that they are taking a test and that the usual expectations of behaviour and constraints of a test session will be in place. Students completing NGRT need to be in a quiet room without interruptions. Enough time should be allocated to allow students to settle, be given the introduction to the test and complete it.

Each student will need either their own personal computer with a mouse, or a tablet, along with a high-quality set of headphones. You are advised to check that headphones are working and that sound levels are appropriate before logging on to Testwise.

Before the session begins

  • Perform the browser compatibility check to ensure the smooth running of the survey 
  • Familiarise yourself with these administration instructions 
  • Allow approximately 30 – 50 minutes of time for the assessment (depending on which format you are using) 
  • For digital: Provide a computer, laptop or tablet with internet connection, headphones and mouse (if needed) for each student. These are all to be in good working order. 
  • For paper: Provide a test booklet for each student, and HB pencils 

Setting up

All administration instructions are incorporated into the test program but please introduce the test session and check that students understand the instructions and the method of answering by walking around the room as they work through these parts of the test. 

  • Be sure the testing room is comfortable 
  • Place a ‘Testing – Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door 
  • Try to forestall any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements 
  • Ensure all students are comfortable and prepared before beginning the test 

Time needed for testing

Paper Version: 40 – 50 minutes

Digital Version: 30 minutes

Please be aware that these timings are approximate and this is not a timed test. Students can work through at their own pace and therefore some may take longer than others.

Essentials for paper testing

Materials to prepare: 

  • A Student Booklet for each student plus an extra copy for the administrator 
  • An HB pencil and eraser for each student (plus spare pencils in case of breakage) – pens must not be used 

Essentials for digital testing

Please check the minimum system requirements to ensure system compatibility. 

Materials to prepare: 

  • Computer, laptop or tablet, headphones and a mouse (if needed), fully charged and in good working order for each student