Crib sheet for digital test


The non-verbal reasoning subtest is administered first followed by the verbal reasoning subtest. Thereafter, it is recommended (but not essential) that the remaining subtests are administered in the order in which they appear on the Tests menu.

LADS Plus has been designed to be completed in one sitting although breaks can be taken between tests if necessary.

Instructions are spoken by the computer, and each test commences with a practice or demonstration of the task. Most individuals will experience no difficulties in understanding what is required of them, however, where necessary, further clarification can be offered during the practice sections - once the test items commence no further aid should be given.

Most individuals can be left to go through the tests themselves with minimal supervision, however there some circumstances where closer supervision by the assessor is strongly advised:

1)    When the person being tested has never used a computer before.

2)    When testing more than one person at the same time in the same room. This is essential to prevent persons being tested deliberately or inadvertently distracting each another.

3)    When the person being tested is expected to require additional assistance to understand the requirements of the test.

4)    When the assessor is concerned that the person being tested may not fully engage with the test.

5)    When the person being tested seems to be excessively nervous or anxious about the assessment and may need reassurance.