2022 Update

Important information about paper surveys

Attention: From 29 April 2022, we will no longer be selling the paper versions of Kirkland Rowell Surveys. 

While the digital version of Kirkland Rowell Surveys remains very popular, the number of schools using the paper version has reduced over the last few years. As a business we are looking to improve our sustainability in any way we can. Given both the limited use of the paper version and its impact on the environment, we have decided to withdraw it from use. However, we will continue to provide the digital versions of the surveys and would strongly encourage you to transition to digital the next time you would like to run them.

We will continue to score any paper surveys sent to us until the end of this academic year, so you can continue to use any unused paper surveys until that time.

If you would like further information about the digital versions of the surveys, please get in touch with the Kirkland Rowell team on [email protected]who can support you in the transition from paper to digital.