Teacher Guidance Packs

Each test within Testwise is supplemented by additional information that is contained within the Teacher Guidance Pack. 

Teacher Guidance Packs can be found on our websites at GL Education (International) and GL Assessment (UK and ROI).

Each Teacher Guidance Pack is in PDF format, and it is recommended that you read the information provided therein before creating a Sitting.

The Teacher Guidance Pack for each test contains the following information:

  • Type of Assessment - The skills/knowledge/attitudes that are assessed by test.
  • Recommended Age Group and School Year Group
  • Duration of Test - This includes the timings for each individual section within each test.
  • Recommended Test Environment
  • Instructions for Students with Special Assessment Needs
  • Sample Questions
  • Report Analysis Details - These mention the types of reports available and how to analyse the scores and results contained within them.