Create Sittings

You can add new sittings  whenever there is a requirement for students to take an online test.

When you create a sitting, it is added to the Sittings List, so you can view its details at a future date or make changes to it, if required.

For a quick summary of how to create a sitting, watch the Overview of Sittings video, which contains a section entitled Creating Sittings, approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video.

When creating a sitting you will be prompted to enter details using the Sittings Wizard, which will ask you for the following information:

  • Sitting Name – The name you assign to the sitting. 
  • Service - The test you want students to take
  • Test Group – the level of test you want students to take
  • Test Start Period (From Date & To Date)- The earliest and latest date and time, a student can begin their test.
  • Students - The names of the students who will be taking the test.
  • Test Start Mode - The way in which the test will start.

To Create a New Sitting

1  Click the Sittings button from the home screen.

All existing sittings will be visible within the Sittings List. If no sittings are displayed, this is because either no sittings have been created, or because existing ones have been archived.

2 Click the Add Sitting button to display the Sittings Wizard.

Sitting Name and Service

To create a sitting you will need to enter all information into the Sittings Wizard.

3  Enter the Sitting Name, which will identify the sitting throughout the system, including within the Sittings List.

4  Click the Service drop down button to display all the services available to you and select the appropriate option.

5 Click the Test Group drop down button to display all the tests (within the service you just selected) and select the appropriate option. You may also click the Search Groups button which will display more information about each test, such as recommended age.

Sitting Time Period

The time-period for the sitting defines the earliest and latest point a student can start their test.

For example, a 1-hour time-period to log into the Test Lobby starting 08/12/2020 4PM; the From Date & Time would be defined as 08 Dec 2020 16:00, and the To Date & Time would be defined as 08 Dec 2020 17:00.

Note: Each Sitting Time Period cannot be greater than the Maximum Sitting Duration, which is defined by the System Administrator. If your sitting is for longer than the permitted number of days a red warning triangle will appear alongside one of the dates. When you hover your mouse over the red warning triangle it will tell you the Maximum Sitting Duration. Adjust the dates accordingly. The Maximum Sitting Duration is usually set to 30 days.

6  Define the From Date details by clicking the Date button alongside the From Date box.

The 'From Date' is the earliest date and time the test can start.

 Define the To Date details by clicking the Date button alongside the To Date box.

The 'To Date' is the latest date and time students can start their test.

Manage Students

 Click the Manage Students button to move to the next stage of the Sitting wizard, which is the Students page.

9 Ensure there are enough remaining credits for each student to take a test. You will need 1 credit for each student taking a test. If you do not have enough credits, then you should contact the Renewals Team. The Credit Status Bar is displayed in the top right. 

10 Find the students who will be taking the test, using any method including sorting, searching or using the Refine Search option on the left hand side of the page.

If a Load More button  is displayed at the bottom of the Student List, this means all students are not currently displayed on the screen. Click the Load More button to display the next 100 students.

11 Select the students who will be taking the test. Note the number of credits within the Credit Status Bar will reduce by each time you add a student. Once finalised click the Save button.

The number of students you have just added are now displayed in the Sittings Wizard.

Test Start Mode

12 In the Test Start Mode section, select one of the following options, which defines how the test is started:

  • Manual Test Start - Students can log into the Test Lobby within the Test Start Period, however, the tests are locked until a Testwise user (Teacher or School Administrator) manually starts the test by clicking the Start Test button from within the Sittings area. See Manually Start Tests for details about how to find the Start Test button.
  • Automatic Test Start - Students can log into the Test Lobby and start their tests any time within the Test Start Period and access using a code distributed by a Testwise user. See Automatically Start Tests for additional details about how this feature operates.


13 Once all information in the Sittings Wizard is populated, check that all the details of the sitting you just created are correct, and make any changes required.

14 To save all the information you entered in the Sittings Wizard, you will need to click either the Save Draft button or the Save button. 

  • Clicking the Save Draft button means that the sitting details are saved without reducing the number of credits in your total number of credits. The number of credits for this sitting will only be reduced when you change sitting details and then click the Save Sitting button.
  • Clicking the Save button means that the sitting details are saved and the number of credits in your total number of credits is reduced by the number of students taking tests in the sitting.

The sitting you have just created will now be displayed within the Sittings List.

15  To return to the home screen, click the Home button