Services contain details about the tests and reports that have been purchased by your school. Most services contain various levels of tests, different types of tests and also a variety of reports.

Each service contains one or more subscriptions, which are each for a specific time period.

For example, within the CAT4 service you could purchase an annual subscription that contains 8 different tests (levels Pre-A to G) with up to 8 different report types.

Each subscription contains the following components:

  • Tests and Reports - The tests and reports you are entitled to use.
  • Credits - The number of credits that have been purchased. Credits are allocated (taken from the total number of credits available but not consumed) when a student is added to a sitting. The credit is consumed (taken from the┬átotal number of credits available and cannot be returned) as soon as the student has downloaded the test package (at the Start of the test). One credit is required for each student completing one test. Some subscriptions are sold with unlimited credits.
  • Time Period - A specific time period that the subscription is valid for. Once a subscription has expired, all the credits within it are lost.

When working with Services you can:

  • View the Services List
  • View Details of a Service