Create a Combination Report

The CAT4 Combination Report is the UK's first report of its kind that compares pupils' ability with their attainment, free of charge for all users of the Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition (CAT4).

Coupled with your own teacher's judgement, by combining data from CAT4 with our popular Progress Test in English (PTE), Progress Test in Maths (PTM) and New Group Reading Test (NGRT). You will be provided with an all-round view of each pupil and an assessment model which:

  • Compares ability levels against current attainment to identify underachievers and the factors that could be influencing this.
  • Identifies barriers to learning and informs intervention strategies at the earliest opportunity.
  • Delivers the all-important national benchmark.


Follow the steps below to create a combination report (PDF or Excel data download):

1. Click the Reports button  on the home screen.

2. Select 'Create New Report' on the Reports homepage.

3. Select 'Combination Report' from the options displayed at the top of the 'New Report' page.

4. Complete the date selection fields, picking the date range within which you want to report and click on Next.

Note: If the same student has taken the test at the same level of the same product more than once within that period, only the most recent results will be included in the student's record. If the student sat for different tests or levels in the selected period, the record for the student may show more than once.

If you do not have enough combinable data for the period you have selected, a pop-up will inform you of it at this stage.

5. Use the dropdown menu to select the product, level and academic year for your first set of results to combine. This will be a CAT4 product. If the item you select has no relevant combinable data, a pop-up will inform you of the same at this stage.

6. The system will show a second dropdown menu. It will be populated with results that can be combined with your first selection. Only combinable data will show here and so it may not appear to be a comprehensive list of Sittings. Select the second product, level and academic year to combine with the CAT4 results already selected.

7. Optional 3rd product. If there is a third product whose results could be meaningfully combined with the two selections already made, these will appear in a third dropdown field. This third dropdown is optional and may not always appear, depending on the first two products selected. If the option to add a third is available, select it from the dropdown menu or leave it unpopulated as you wish. Select Next.

Filter the Report Rettings/Amend students

8. Give the Report a name which is unique to your school account. It should not contain special characters or be more than 100-characters long.

9. Select any optional filters to refine the results which show in the Report, if you wish. These may not be exactly as per the example below as filters reflect the data your school has in the system. As you select and deselect filters, you will notice that the number of students selected changes, too.

10. The students automatically selected will appear at the bottom of the screen. There is no specific need to amend these, however if you wish to add additional students by searching and selecting them, or you wish to remove any of those already selected, you can do so now. Click on Next.

11. You will see a summary of the Report parameters you have set, with an option to edit any of them.

It may be necessary to select which country option you wish the Report to reflect. Note that this does not always appear.

Finally, click on the Download Excel button (this will launch excel and download your report data to it) or on the View Report button (this will save a PDF to My GL Documents).

Download or view screen

To return to the home screen, click on the Home button.