Exam Access Arrangements

Exams can be a stressful time for any student, but if they have an underlying special need or disability, they may find it even more difficult to demonstrate what they have learned, and fulfil their potential. Awarding organisations make reasonable adjustments to assessments, to ensure that a pupil’s barriers to learning don’t put them at a disadvantage when it comes to taking exams. You can apply to a range of awarding organisations on your students’ behalf for additional exam access that reflects their normal way of working, including:

  • Extra time
  • Computer reader/reader
  • Scribe


Time-efficient assessments for exam access arrangements

We have a range of assessments that can be used to support your applications for additional exam access

Assessment Provide evidence of Support applications for

Cognitive ability

Extra time

Lucid Exact

Speeded word recognition
Reading comprehension
Reading Speed

Extra time
Word processor



Extra time
Oral language modifier


 Single word reading accuracy

Extra time

What can i do with the data?

  • Prioritise where further diagnostic testing and support is needed
  • Use as evidence to support applications

The reports

Reports include graphs and tables to show standard age scores, percentiles, age equivalent, assessor comments and itemised responses with the option to repeat the assessment.

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