Digital tests from GL Assessment

Verbal Reasoning Digital (VR Digital) is part of a range of standardised tests available in both paper and digital editions from GL Assessment. The development of digital editions of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, a s well as major series such as Progress Test in Maths and New Group Reading Test (NGRT), is a response to the need for schools to test large numbers of pupils at regular intervals and to make that process as efficient as possible, by automating the scoring, analysis and reporting. At the same time, by developing digital editions of established tests, teachers and pupils can be assured of the robustness of these tests. Companion digital tests for Non-Verbal Reasoning are also available from GL Assessment, enabling you to gain a more detailed overview of pupils’ reasoning ability and their visual strengths and weaknesses.

VR Digital is an important test and one on which decisions about, for example, setting, giftedness or interventions may be made, in conjunction with teacher assessment and an evaluation of pupil performance throughout the year.

VR Digital must be administered in a formal test environment in which pupils are made aware that they are taking a test and that the usual expectations of behaviour and constraints of a test session will be in place. Pupils’ experience of working at a computer may lead to the impression that taking a test using a computer is not as important as the more familiar test session in the school hall or rearranged classroom. They may expect to spend time in the computer suite on less formal activities, engaging in learning that is presented in a highly visual or even game-like way. While GL Assessment digital tests do engage pupils, they are tests and must be approached in the same way as the more familiar paper test process.