The test session

Introducing PTM

Please introduce the test in your own words. Something along the lines of the following should be sufficient:

‘Today you are going to take a Maths test. All instructions are provided and you should read and listen to them carefully to make sure you understand what you have to do. There will be some practice questions at the beginning, to show you how to answer different types of questions in the test. You can repeat these examples, if you need to.’

Each part of the test has practice questions. All directions, examples and practice items are part of the test and are delivered via the audio.

Students must work in silence but, if they have a query, they should raise their hand and wait for the teacher or invigilator to approach them. Answer any questions during the introductory practice questions, and explain that you cannot help with any of the test questions.

While the students are taking the test the teacher or invigilator should walk around to check that they are progressing appropriately, that they are not having difficulty with the methods of answering and, importantly with digital tests, that they have not rushed through any part of the test without attempting to answer some questions.

Remember there is no Mental Maths for PTM 7 – only PTM 8-14.

Accessing PTM Digital Edition

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Practice questions

At the beginning of the Mental Maths test there are some simple practice questions to show students how to answer the timed questions. Remember there is no Mental Maths for PTM 7 – only PTM 8-14.

The Mental Maths questions are separated into three sections. Each section gives students either 5, 10 or 15 seconds to answer each question before the question is locked and the next one appears on screen. Some of the questions will have prompts while others will only have an answer box. Here is the first example:

At the beginning of the main test there is also a series of practice questions to show students how to answer the different types of questions. Here is the first practice question:

Students can work through the examples at their own pace and go back to see again what they need to do. If the students are young (for example those taking PTM 7 and PTM 8) you may want to oversee this part of the process.

Students use the NEXT and BACK buttons to navigate through the questions. The audio tells the students this but you may want to check as you invigilate that they understand how to do this.

Ending the test

At the end of the test the following screen will appear:

Once students have ended the test, their results will be saved automatically.

Students must not try to exit the test or close the screen by clicking on the cross at the top right-hand corner as this will cause results to be lost.

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Thank you for choosing PTM.