Quick Data Guide

Using Progress Test Data to address gaps in learning

Curriculum content analysis in the Group Report for Teachers enables you to easily identify strengths and weaknesses across groups or cohorts, helping you to address gaps in learning through data-informed curriculum planning. Question level analysis is available to allow a deeper dive and assessment links to national curricula are available for each level of PTE, PTM and PTS.

Analysis of group scores by curriculum content category table
Graph of PT results

Overall scores and group rank, available in the Group Report for Teachers, will help identify those students most in need of additional support and intervention. Curriculum content and question level analysis in the Group Report for Teachers and Individual Student Report for Teachers can then be used to inform the content of individual and group interventions to make the best use of that time.

Analysis of curriculum content categories table and analysis of reporting area table
Analysis by question table

We strongly recommend speaking to our team of assessment data experts, who are here to help you analyse results and make the best use of your data to inform in-school actions. Contact them at [email protected].