PASS Interventions

The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School Survey (PASS) is used widely by schools to help identify barriers to learning, in order to ensure student wellbeing and positive outcomes.

To assist teachers with the data once the survey has been taken, we've created a range of 70 interventions, which are free to all PASS users and now available through your Testwise homepage. All the interventions are aligned to the nine attitudinal factors in PASS, including feelings about school and confidence in learning. We have recently launched PASS Interventions: Reconnections, a bank of additional strategies that are specifically designed to build pupil confidence after a prolonged absence from school. Click here to see a sample.

The interventions are written by Nicola Lambros, Cognita Director of Education for Europe, and contain practical advice and solutions designed to help you address problems students may be struggling with. They'll also give you guidance as to how these problems may present in the classroom and an overview of the research underpinning the different approaches suggested.

The PASS Survey and intervention cycle

About the Author

Portrait photo of Nicola Lambros

Nicola Lambros is Cognita Director of Education for Europe, and has leadership experience at schools in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

She is a passionate advocate of research in education and the importance of teachers understanding how the neurology of learning, i.e. Mind, Brain and Education (MBE) science, can be effectively applied in schools to promote outstanding student outcomes, positive mental health and wellbeing. Nicola’s own research in this area has provided her with opportunities to present at numerous conferences across the world and write for various educational publications such as Conference and Common Room, WLSA Record, The International School magazine and various publications from GL Assessment.

Nicola’s research on PASS has evidenced how each of the PASS factors has a significant impact on student outcomes. Nicola hopes that through the increased use of PASS in our schools, teachers can develop learning environments that not only enable every student to achieve the very best educational outcomes but also nurture a robust love of learning and positive wellbeing.

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