Introducing PASS to the students

We have provided you with a script you can use when introducing PASS to your students.

The school is taking part in a survey about children and young people’s lives; how you feel about yourself and your school. A survey is a way of collecting some information about you.

Children and young people in other schools are also going to do the same survey, so the surveys can be put together to see what you all think. What children and young people feel about themselves and their school is important, and we would like to know what you think.

Please take your time and read each sentence carefully. It is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers to these sentences. Just try to be as truthful and honest as you can.

While the students are taking the survey, the teacher should walk around to check that they are progressing appropriately; that they are not having difficulty with the methods of answering; and, importantly with digital surveys, that they have not rushed through any part of the survey without attempting to answer each question.

Younger pupils may need help in understanding the statements, but care must be taken to ensure that they are not led to certain responses.

It is possible to keep the Testwise register open on the teacher’s computer and thereby track progress through the survey. The register shows real-time information about whether a student is logged on, has started or completed a survey and which statement is currently ‘in progress’.

Accessing PASS online

For information on Sittings, please visit:

Once students have accessed the survey, the ‘welcome’ screen will appear with an overview and instructions on completing the survey:

Students must provide a response to all of the statements, there is no option to say ‘I do not know’, or to move on to the next screen before all the statements have been responded to. If students decide to exit the survey mid-way, their data will be lost and they will have to start the survey all over again.

Once a survey has been completed the results will be sent to Testwise:

Students must not try to exit the survey by clicking on the cross in the top right-hand corner and closing the window as this will result in all data being lost. All they need to do at this stage is to click on the ‘submit’ button to finish.