Scoring & Reporting Service


GL Assessment offers a manual scoring service for users of our paper-based assessments. This service facilitates the marking, management and interpretation of your data, and delivers fast and accurate results that can be tailored to your needs.

How does it work?

1. Supply pupil data: a Pupil Data file needs to be sent to [email protected] via email. You can do this by exporting data from your school’s Management Information System and matching it against the Pupil Data File template. Delays will be avoided if the data file is submitted prior to sending the pupils’ booklets. Please password protect this file and contact the Scoring Group with your password. Due to GL Assessment’s Data Protection policy, we are unable to accept emailed data files which are not encrypted.

2. Administer the test: you administer the test, requesting that pupils write their answers on the booklets provided.

3. Return answers: return the booklets to our Scoring & Reporting Service division via a tracking service to: GL Assessment Scoring Department, GLDS, Unit 28 Bramble Road, Techno Trading Estate, SWINDON, Wiltshire, SN2 8HB.

4. Scoring: once we have received both your complete data file and pupil booklets we can begin the scoring process.

Please note: the turnaround time for scoring is 15 working days after the receipt of both data file and pupil booklets. This excludes weekends and bank holidays.

5. Uploading of data: results are uploaded into the Testwise Reporting Service (TRS) our online reporting system, and the standard reports are created as PDF and Excel files.

6. Email notification: you are sent an email notification when your reports are ready. You can then access your reports online by entering the TRS using the secure customer login supplied.

7. Additional reports: these can easily be requested at this stage. For some assessments this is subject to an additional cost.

8. Invoicing: schools/clusters will be invoiced by Education after the reports are made available.

Historical data

Your data is never deleted so you can continue to request progress reports as long as you keep using the same UPN for each pupil. If you choose to switch scoring services, you can "take your data with you" as long as you continue to use the original set of UPNs, adding new ones to your pupil data file when necessary.

Your reports are kept on TRS for 6 months at which point they are archived. You can request to have these unarchived. However, we recommend that you download your reports as soon as they are made available on TRS.

Pricing and Ordering

The manual scoring service is available on a cost per pupil basis. It includes a group PDF report and additional reports are available.

Scoring service

Price £4.85 per pupil
Number of pupils Price per pupil

Available reports

Group report (PDF) Included in price
Individual pupil report (PDF) £0.70* per pupil
Excel report £130* per report
Cluster excel report £235.35* per report

*Combination of manual scoring (£3.10) plus NGRT scoring service - Group Report for Teachers (£1.75 per pupil)