NGRT Group report

A group report will be available after testing and is made up of the following sections:

  • Overview

This is a short introduction which describes the test content and how the test works. This will be useful when sharing reports with colleagues who may not be familiar with NGRT.


  • Why use NGRT?

Again, this is a short section setting out the main uses of NGRT.


  • Relationship between NGRT scores

This comprises a simple diagram showing how standard age scores (SAS), stanine scores and national percentile ranks relate to each other.


  • Example results

The example results show an annotated version of the group report table with a glossary of terms used.


  • Group scores for sentence completion and passage comprehension

Scores for the pre-determined group include SAS, stanines, group rank and national percentile rank. Importantly, this table highlights a gap of two or more stanines between the Sentence Completion and Passage Comprehension parts of the test.


  • Analysis by reading age

This shows the spread of reading age for the whole group and for males and females.


  • Group scores for phonics

This shows raw scores by section for students who answered the phonics questions.


  • Group demographic comparison with gender as the baseline

This compares the group’s score for each gender against all students as part of the group average and the national average.