Get an accurate picture of your pupils to give them the best start to their school journey

Building an accurate, objective picture of your new pupils’ abilities means you can start developing their strengths and addressing any areas for development straight away. Our Independent Schools Assessment Package - Pre-Prep contains assessments specifically selected for independent schools and it’s standardised on pupils in the early years of their school career. The package doesn’t just give you an accurate measure of your pupils but also includes interventions and suggested classroom strategies you can put in place to help maximise their potential.


Ensure continued progress and prepare your pupils for the step to senior school

Our Independent School Assessment Package – Prep supports you in ensuring your pupils are coping with the increased demands at this phase and performing to the best of their abilities by combining ability and attainment tests. This package is ideal for establishing a baseline for the next school stage - indeed many senior schools specifically request CAT4 data from their feeder prep schools. Key Stage 2 indicators are included in some reports and give a useful comparison to the performance of peers in the state sector. The package also helps you prepare pupils for admissions to senior school and its curriculum demands.


Make sure your pupils are on course to maximise their potential and achieve the best possible grades

Ensuring your pupils are staying on course is key to them achieving qualifications which reflect their true abilities. Our senior package includes assessments that generate indicators of performance at GCSE, as well as an ‘if stretched’ target. This package also helps you to screen and make applications for pupils entitled to additional exam access arrangements. Our Value Added service (in conjunction with Fischer Family Trust) compares CAT4 data and GCSE results to give a quantifiable measure of the impact your school’s teaching has had on its pupils.