Frequently Asked Questions

When I log onto Testwise, I can’t see how to access last year’s test results?

Select the option ‘recent’ and select the test you wish to see results for. After selecting the test, the list of report options will appear in the centre of the screen.

What survey is done by parents?

As part of your CDS package, you will have access to the Kirkland Rowell Light Touch survey which includes two sections for parents.

Which NGRT test should I take? Form A or B?

NGRT Form A is designed to be taken first, Form B should be then taken at a later date, with a gap of 3-6 months.

What is the difference between Kirkland Rowell Light Touch survey and Kirkland Rowells Bespoke survey?

The Light Touch survey is free with the CDS package and is the basic survey without the academic subjects or unique questions. The questions cannot be edited.

With the Bespoke survey, you have the option of 18 additional questions and 4 bespoke questions which can be chosen and edited to suit the school; however this would come at an additional cost.


Could you look at a child’s profile and see all their results in one report?

The CAT4 Combination report is available for combining scores from PT Series, NGRT and CAT4.


Where do I send the paper versions of tests for scoring?

For PT Series and CAT4, the address is:

FAO: GL Assessment PT Team
DRS Data Services Limited
4 Garamonde Drive
Milton Keynes


For CAT4 YL, NGRT and anything else:

GL Assessment Scoring Department
GLDS, Unit 28 Bramble Road
Techno Trading Estate


Where do I see the results for the paper tests?

The reports are available to download from

What is the turnaround time for the tests which are being scored by GL Assessment?

The scoring service takes up to 15 working days from the time we receive the tests.


Are NGRT batch header sheets available?

NGRT does not have batch headers available, all scoring require is your contact details to be sent with the tests.

Which years can access the CAT4 Combination report?

Years 3–7 can use these across their PT Series, CAT4 and NGRT tests. Please note that there is no level 08 for Progress Test in Science.

If students don’t complete tests at the same time, can I still run a report?

Yes, you can still run a report on those that have completed all parts of the test by selecting them via the tick box on the register. If other pupils complete the test at a later stage, you can then re-run the report to include all of them.

Are paper test reports available on the same platform as the digital reports?

No, reports for paper tests are available on TRS (Testwise Reporting Service website). Once your paper tests have been marked our Scoring Team will send you an email with a link to the reports.


What is the difference between the PASS levels?

  • Anything prefixed with PASS 1-* is 4–7 years olds
  • Anything prefixed with PASS 2-*is 7–11 years olds
  • PASS 3-* is 11–16 years old
  • PASS 4-* is 16–18 years old


How do I delete pupil data?

You can only delete pupils if they have not logged in to start taking a test. Once a child has started a test they cannot be deleted from the register, however if you do not want them to be included in the reports you can untick the box next to their name when you are running reports so that they are not included.


How do I view the tests before my students take the test?

Teachers/staff members can set themselves up as a ‘Test pupil’ on the site and ensure that their Name and Grouping is significantly different to that of the children. This way they can easily pick themselves out in the list when running the reports and exclude themselves.


Can I run a report on only a part-taken test?

Yes you can, you run the report as normal.


Can I skip the timed section of CAT4?

No, as this is part of the standardisation of the test and was done according to set timings, the sections of CAT4 cannot be skipped. We would advise that if children have finished the section and have extra time they can go back and check their answers.


Which years use paper tests and what years use digital tests for the CDS?

Year 1 and beginning of Year 2 (Age 5–6) use paper based tests. The digital test start at the end of Year 2 (age 7).


If a student starts mid-term what test level is appropriate?

Should a pupil start mid-term our recommended test level would be for the pupil to start with the Autumn level test and then take the Summer test with the rest of the pupils.

Please bear in mind that this test has been set for pupils to take at the beginning of the year so the pupil may have already had a few months of additional teaching and so may perform slightly better on the Autumn test.


How do I get set up on Baseline?

After uploading your pupils, the next step would be to download the app from the Apple® or Android® store. And the final step is to configure the teacher and pupil.

Additional support can be found

What is the difference between PiM & PTM?

Progress in Maths (PiM) is the old version of the maths assessment which was based on the old curriculum, and is no longer available. Progress Test in Maths (PTM) is the new version of this which is relevant to the new curriculum.