Cognitive Abilities Test and National Test indicators

There has always been a significant and positive correlation between a student’s scores in reasoning tests and their school performance, as measured by national tests or public examinations. The link may be assumed to exist because much school activity is concerned with the application of reasoning abilities in the initial learning of curriculum content, and then building on and recombining existing knowledge as learning progresses.

The indicators that feature in reports for the Cognitive Abilities Test are derived by tracking the progress of large and representative samples of students over time. Through this process, we can determine the actual relationship between CAT4 scores and students’ subsequent attainment in national tests and examinations.

Through statistical analysis of the matched datasets, we are able to provide indicated or typical outcomes for each student based on the students’ CAT4 scores. These indicators can also be aggregated to provide indicated outcomes for the cohort and school or college as a whole. These indicators are updated regularly to keep them in line with national trends of performance in national tests and examinations.