CAT4 Reports

CAT4 Group report for teachers

A group level analysis of a selected group or cohort of pupils helping to communicate results. This may allow those with similar or contrasting profiles to be taught together with mutual benefits.

CAT4 Individual student report for teachers

An analysis of an individual pupil’s results, along with a focus on how they can be helped to achieve their potential. The narrative includes implications for teaching and learning which offer brief insights into how different levels of ability combined with learning preferences may affect a pupil’s learning.

CAT4 Individual report for students

Pupils with an explanation of their CAT4 results and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. It is important for all pupils to understand that the information gained from CAT4 testing can form the basis of plans for their future development, which they themselves can take some control over.

CAT4 Individual report for parents

Provides parents with an overview of CAT4, an explanation of their child’s results and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Developed to support the routine reporting to parents, the narrative text helps them understand their child’s profile of results and actions they can take to further their learning.

CAT4 Summary report for senior leaders

Provides a high level analysis of a selected cohort or group’s performance against the national average. The report is designed for use by head teachers, senior leadership teams and governing bodies. The introduction will be useful in giving a quick overview and an example of the test material in CAT4.

CAT4 Summary presentation for senior leaders

This presentation is available in PowerPoint® format. Similar to the Summary report for senior leaders, the presentation shows data from a selected group or cohort and compares this to the national average. It is ideal for sharing key findings and saves time in disseminating information from the Summary report.


CAT4 reports
(Paper & Digital)
How many do I need? Can this be re-used?
Group report for teachers 1 per group Single use
Summary report for senior leaders 1 per group Single use
Summary presentation for senior leaders 1 per group Single use
Individual student report for teachers 1 per pupil Single use*
Individual report for parents 1 per pupil Single use*
Individual report for students 1 per pupil Single use*
Excel report 1 per group Single use
Cluster report 1 per group Single use


CAT4 Combination report 

The only report of its kind in the UK, the CAT4 Combination report takes data on pupil ability from the CAT4 and on attainment from the Progress Test in Maths (PTM) and Progress Test in English (PTE). It can also include data on reading from the New Group Reading Test (NGRT), as an alternative to Progress Test in English. A number of test combinations are possible, but CAT4 is always present, acting as an ‘anchor’ for the report.


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