Verbal analogies

When the students are ready, say:

Now turn to page 26 and follow while I read the directions.

Pause and check all the students are on the right page, and then read:

In each of these questions there are three words in bold type. The first two words go together. The third word goes together with one of the answer choices. Choose the word from the answer choices that goes with the third word. Look at the example below.


Look at the first two words, new and old.  [Pause] New is the opposite of old. Now look at the third word, wet. The word ‘wet’ must go with the answer in the same way that new goes with old. Since new is the opposite of old, you have to find the word that is the opposite of wet. Answer E, dry, is the opposite of wet. This is how you would show the answer.[Pause and indicate the example in the Student Booklet.]

Now try some practice questions. Mark your answer choices by filling in the correct box on the Answer Sheet. Remember, if you want to change your answer, rub out your first choice and mark your new letter choice.

Practice 1

Practice 2

Pause while the students choose their answers. Walk around the room, checking to make sure they are marking their answers correctly. Clear up any difficulties. Then continue as follows:

The answer to practice question 1 is H, egg, because a cow produces milk and a chicken produces eggs.

The answer to practice question 2 is L, window, because a carpet covers a floor and a curtain covers a window.

Are there any questions?

Answer any questions, and then read:

Do all of the questions in this test the same way. Try to answer every question.

You will have eight minutes to work on this test.

Turn over the page and begin. Work until you reach the stop sign at the end of the test.

Start your stopwatch or note the exact time to the nearest second on your watch or clock. Note this time on your Time Chart, and then add exactly eight minutes and fill in the stopping time.

While the test is in progress, walk around the room to make sure that all the students are marking their answers by drawing a line across the letters and that no one has turned to a page they should not be on. Encourage any students who finish early to check their answers. After exactly eight minutes, say:

Stop. Put your pencils down and turn to the next page.