Administering CAT4

The administrator will need to read through the following instructions well in advance of the test session and refer to the manual for details of how to import student details. The information in the manual is a basic guide to administering this test.

Time needed for testing: levels A to G

CAT4 levels A to G consist of eight short tests. The administration of the digital tests is in three parts, with the Quantitative Reasoning tests split between Part 2 and Part 3. Test timings (which are fixed) are given in the table below, together with an approximation of the time needed for instructions, examples and practice items.

Rough paper and pencil may be used for the Number Analogies and Number Series tests.

*A timer appears on screen and counts down from the time allocated to each test. This cannot be overridden as the tests in CAT4 are strictly timed. If a student does not reach the end of the test in the given time, the test will time out and the student will be moved to the next section or will exit the test.

Time needed for testing: levels X, Y and Pre-A

CAT4 for the younger years consists of four tests one per battery rather than two per battery as per levels A to G. The administration of the digital tests is in two parts. Test timings (which are fixed) are given below. 

Test environment

The test must be administered in a formal test environment with students made aware that they are taking a test and that the usual expectations of behaviour and constraints of a test session will be in place. It is important that the invigilator is active in ensuring that students are working their way through the tests with intent and that there is no talking or opportunity to copy from another’s work.

Checklist for testing

Before the test session

  • Check minimum system requirements to ensure system compatibility. Please see requirements at the following link: Testwise - Minimum System Requirements
  • Allow approximately 40 minutes of testing time for each part of CAT4 levels A-G, or 30 minutes of testing time for each part of CAT4 levels X, Y or Pre-A.
  • Provide computer, headphones and a mouse, or a tablet or laptop, fully charged and in good working order for each student.
  • Become familiar with these administration instructions.
  • Provide rough paper and pencil for the Number Analogies and Number Series tests.

General arrangements for testing

  • Be sure the testing room is comfortable.
  • Place a ‘Testing – Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.
  • Try to forestall any interruption of the testing session by visitors or announcements.
  • You may want to set up the computers in advance.
Ensure all students are comfortable and prepared before beginning the test.

Introducing CAT4

The following wording may be used when introducing CAT4 to the students:

Today you are going to take some short reasoning tests. All instructions are given on screen and via the audio and you should read carefully to make sure that you understand exactly what you have to do. There will be an example and some practice questions for each test, so read carefully and work through these before starting each test.

Students must work in silence but, if they have a query, they should raise their hand and wait for the teacher to approach them. Answer any questions at this stage and explain that you cannot help with any of the test questions.

All directions, examples and practice items are part of the test and are delivered on screen.

While the students are taking the test the teacher should walk around to check that they are progressing appropriately, that they are not having difficulty with the methods of answering and, importantly with digital tests, that they have not rushed through any part of the test without attempting to answer each question.

It is possible to keep the Testwise register open on the teacher’s machine and thereby track progress through the test. The register shows real time information about whether a student is logged on, has started or completed a test or part of CAT4 and what is ‘in progress’.