Measuring progress from Baseline to PTE5 and PTM5

Baseline and Baseline Progress will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support

The Baseline Progress report includes a measure of progress from the beginning of the year when Baseline was administered.

In addition, we have linking data for Baseline and Progress Test in English 5 and Progress Test in Maths 5 too.  Baseline Progress was standardised on 1,270 children who had been given Baseline at the start of the year.  During the standardisation study in May 2015 we invited schools to administer one or both of the attainment tests to the same children: this has given us data to generate progress measures fromBaseline to both PTE5 and PTM5.

644 children who had previously been administered Baseline in autumn 2014 completed the PTE5 and PTM5 in April and May 2015.  The correlation between the overall Baseline and PTE5 standard age scores is 0.56 and for PTM5 is 0.63. 

The level of progression varies depending on the initial Baseline score.  The table below gives an approximate indication for an average child.  For example, if a child with an initial Baseline standard age score score of 100 subsequently achieves a standard age score score of 112 inPTE5, the 12 point increase in score places the child in the ‘Higher than expected progress’ category.

Difference in SAS Progression category
Increase by > 15 Much higher than expected progress
Increase by 10 to 15 Higher than expected progress
Within +/- 9 Expected progress
Decrease by 10 to 15 Lower than expected progress
Decrease by > 15 Much lower than expected progress