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Baseline and Baseline Progress will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support

GL Assessment - developing standardised assessments for over 30 years

As the leading provider of assessments to UK schools, GL Assessment has been developing scientifically rigorous tests that have been used by educational professionals for over 30 years. Every year over 3 million pupils in UK primary and secondary schools take our assessments.

Baseline - a reception baseline assessment

Baseline will support schools and teachers in:

  • stablishing the stage of every pupil on entry to primary school
  • Providing a starting point for ongoing progress tracking, allowing teaching and learning to be tailored accordingly
  • Informing intervention at the earliest opportunity
  • Shaping a pupil's learning and ability to access the curriculum

The reports - communicating results to stakeholders

The data from Baseline will be available in a range of reports that allow easy communication with teachers, parents and Local Authorities. They will contain a scale score, Standard Age Score, and narrative and recommendations written by Early Years specialists. The following reports are available:

  • Group report for teachers (available at class, year or whole school level). This report provides an overview of the group and is available as in PDF or Excel format. The report includes a Standard Age Score (SAS)
  • Individual pupil report for teachers
  • Individual pupil report for parents
  • Excel report
  • Cluster report

Baseline Progress – an end of Reception assessment

Baseline Progress will support schools and teachers in:

Baseline Progress will support schools and teachers in:

  • Measuring the progress of each pupil in literacy and mathematics from the start of the year
  • Evaluating quantitative data alongside the extensive assessment carried out on a daily basis throughout the year
  • Providing additional information for the next year’s teacher and other practitioners involved in supporting each pupil
  • Supporting feedback to parents

Baseline Progress provides a single report in two formats:

  • Group report for teachers (PDF)
  • Group report for teachers (Excel)

The PDF report contains the full range of scores that feature in theBaseline GRT.  In addition there is a measure of progress and to support this a narrative which offers interpretation and suggested ‘next steps’ based on the progress category displayed.

The Excel version of the GRT includes a wealth of detail such as, for each pupil, the percentage correct for each part of the two sections of the assessment and a question-by-question record of which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.