For LA's and Academy Trusts

Baseline and Baseline Progress will not be available after 3 December. Contact [email protected] for support

Baseline for Local Authorities and Academy Trusts

Reception baseline assessment

With over 30 years, GL Assessment has been providing scientifically rigorous assessments for schools both in the UK and overseas. We work closely with a number of Local Authorities, Academy Trusts, Groups and consortia in the UK to provide assessment solutions tailored to their individual needs, some of which include customised tests.

Baseline is a fast, fun and face-to-face Reception baseline assessment. Not only is Baseline the only dual tablet assessment on the market, it comes with a host of other features designed to support schools, LA’s and school groups, including:

Easy-to-follow reports

With narrative and recommendations written by Early Years specialists, our cluster report will provide an overview of the results across a cohort, LA or school group. This will support ongoing progress monitoring and help you compare pupil’s progress across each group.

Progress tracking across Primary

To ensure continuity of assessment across primary, Baseline is linked to Baseline Progress and Progress Test in Maths 5 and Progress Test in English 5.. Not only will this allow schools and schools groups to track ongoing progress but eventually offer indicators for attainment at end of KS1 and KS2.

How can we help?

We can support you in disseminating information about Baseline to your network of schools. We can arrange for our specially trained consultants in your area to attend events you may be hosting, demonstrate Baseline and answer any questions you may have. We can also send you our promotional material for you to share with your schools.

The Baseline questions

There are three sections that measure literacy, language and mathematics on entry and, optionally, again at the end of Reception. The assessment takes under 25 minutes to complete and each section can be completed in one session or separate sessions depending on the pupil. The optional end of Reception assessment is delivered in two short sessions. The teacher controls the audio and progression of each question, ensuring every pupil is assessed in the same way. At the end of each section, the pupil's answers are automatically sent to your online account.